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#car for defenders

car and anti-drone gun for soldiers

Fundraising for the 109th territorial defense brigade unit of the Donetsk region (106th battalion), which is located in the Donetsk direction (Bakhmut)
#Transport for Defenders

we need your help!

The guys from the 109th Territorial Defense Brigade of the Donetsk Region (106th Battalion) are defending Ukraine and their native Donbas and urgently need help. At one time, the soldiers went through tough battles for Mariupol, liberated their own homes in Liman, and until recently were crushing the enemy near Bakhmut. Now taken out for reckruitment. So, before returning to the frontline, We are ASKING FOR URGENT HELP to fundrise for two very important fees - for a pick-up truck and an EDM4S SKY WIPER anti-drone gun!

"Many of us grew up and spent our whole lives in Donbas. When the enemy came, my boys and I didn't think long, we entered the TRO and went to defend our homes and the right to live in free Ukraine. They were quickly on the front line. It is very "hot". A pickup truck is very necessary, because speed decides a lot. It is very urgent to move forward to the position and evacuate the wounded. Believe everyone, we will win soon! Let's liberate our Ukraine, and when we return, we will rebuild our Ukrainian Donbas," says "Rayduga", a fighter of the 106th battalion, who himself comes from Donbas. 237,000 hryvnias (5.5 thousand euros) are needed for a pickup truck. Variants of the car were found in England or Lithuania - depending on how much we collect. Thank you for being with us!

anti-drone gun

The gun will be purchased in Germany. Its cost is about 14,000 euros! "The enemy is sneaky and cannot be underestimated. As soon as their drone hovers over our positions, a heavy artillery barrage begins immediately. We really need a good anti-drone gun. It will help save many lives." - "Rainbow", a fighter of the 106th battalion. Only together with you will we be able to help the boys liberate the territories of our country!